Ingredients500 g newly pounded rice flour1 tsp soda1 tsp salt500 cc santan from 1/2 a coconut500 g palm sugar or subtitutebrown sugarvegetable oilInstructions- sift the rice flour together with the salt- Cook the santan together with the palm sugar until sugar has dissolved. Strain.- pour the sugar mixture slowly into the flour mixture and stir until blended and smooth. Knead the mixture until smooth and elastic for about 10 or 15 minutes.- Let stand for an hour until dough rises.- Heat the oil on a medium heat. Put a tablespoonful of the dough in the oil and keep ladling the oil over the dough until it swells up. Keep pricking the center of the cake so that it be done evemtly. Remove and serve.About 25 cakes.

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