BaksoMeatball soup is just as popular in Indonesia as nasi goreng. It is sold from street side stalls, or push carts that make their rounds through the neighborhoods. Bakso is sold from late afternoon and throughout the night.The preparation requires more time than our fried rice recipe. You will like bakso just as much as all Indonesians, so let's prepare enough for four servings. We'll start with the meatballs and then continue with the soup.If you have a well stocked Oriental (Chinese, Indonesian, Thai or Vietnamese) grocery store in your neighborhood, you will find ready-made beef or fish balls there. Otherwise, preparing the meatballs yourself goes as follows. In a blender mash beef or white fish with salt and garlic. To improve the consistency add cassava flour or corn flour (after the blending). Add a bit of water as needed. Roll the mixture into balls of not more than 2 cm or 1" diameter. Boil the meat balls until they're done. Throw away the water.
Prepare the soup as follows: Make a strong broth from beef marrow. Let it cook until its oil surfaces. Add crushed garlic, pepper, salt and a bit of sugar or vetsin (which contains monosodium glutamate). According to the Indonesian way of cooking it's not possible to give exact quantities of the ingredients. It all goes according to personal taste and, most importantly, feeling.Finally add the beef balls you already prepared and sliced tofu and let it all cook until the beef balls come to the surface. Finish it off with finely cut celery.You may like to 'beef up' the contents of the soup with boiled noodles. The noodles go into the serving bowl first, followed by the beef or fish balls, tofu and the soup.
Serve with finely cut celery, sweet soy sauce, chili, and fried onions according to each individual's taste.

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