3 x 7 min chocolate


3 x 7 min chocolate
Note the recipe: 4/5

For 7 people
Cost of revenue:
Level of difficulty:
Preparation time: 7 minutes
Cooking time: 7 minutes
Rest time: 7 minutes


* 1 tablet of good dark chocolate (the best 80% cocoa) 150 g
* 125 g of butter
* 5 cl or 1 c. milk tablespoons cream
* 125 g sugar
* 80 g flour
* 3 eggs
* 1 packet of yeast
* Optional but better: grated coconut, almonds or hazelnuts slender 30 to 50 g
* Whole almonds and orange peel to decorate the top

Easy, delicious and INRAT: yet cooked in the microwave! A great cake! I have experienced in schools where they celebrate many birthdays. Origin unknown but the mouth works well when revenues are good. I recommend not only for children!


Break chocolate into pieces and let them melt in a bowl in the microwave.

Add the butter into pieces and have it melt. Mix it with chocolate, sugar and milk (or cream). Add flour mixed with yeast in it, the whole eggs. Add almonds or walnuts or nuts or coconut.

Pour into a mold or other glass for the microwave (like mold board with a failed high enough because the cake will lift (7 or 8 cm).

Cook 7 minutes (check the cooking time may vary slightly depending on the power of your microwave).


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