Beef Semur

Ingredients: 1 lb beef, 6 pieces candle nut, 5 cm of ginger, 5 pieces of shallots, 3 pieces of garlic, salt, pepper, soy sauce.


* Slice beef thinly
* Peel shallots and garlic, slice thinly
* Slice ginger and grind candle nut
* Brown shallots, garlic, ginger, and candle nut
* Put in beef and mix them evenly
* Add salt and pepper
* Add 2-3 cups of water so beef will cook evenly

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Really Traditional: Opor Solo

Ingredients: 1 chicken, 4 cups of coconut milk, 6 pieces of shallots, 3 pieces of garlic, 120 gram candle nut, 10 gram corriander, 5 gram jintan, 3 helai bay leaves, 1 batang daun sereh, 100 gr lengjuas, salt and pepper.


* Cut chicken into pieces
* Grind shallots, garlic, candle nut, corriander, and jintan
* Brown for a little bit.
* Boil chicken with 2 cups of coconut milk, put in sereh and galanga.
* When chicken is about done, put in more coconut milk along with the spice mix above. Add salt and pepper to taste.

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Chicken Wellington


6 Chicken seeds breast
6 Puff sheets pastry sheet or (2 boxes) BUtter
1 Mashroom box
2 garlics or garlic powder
Salt and Black pepper
Chives if being not with Green onion

Fried previously Chicken breast that already in the spice with Garlic, pepper, salt but was not too ripe because still in baked so might not ripe then cold would.
Stir-fry (sauteed) Chopped mashroom was finished that dikeringkan just cooled down input to the refrigerator although fast cold.
Took puff pastry that has been soft the piece of the Cream input quadrangle cheese one tablespoon ,chopped mushroom, chives (green onion) finally chicken breast but in the piece half although should not too much besar
just in bungkus. saw the form after being
Just put to OVen temp 350 old him 30 mins

Congratulations tried.
It is hoped was successful.

Knew Mixed Surabaya

Ingredients/ Bahan:
1 pack Beancurd (Tahu)
250 gr Bean shoot (Cambah/Taoge)
1 bunch Lettuce (Selada)
4 pcs Dried egg noodle (Mie kering)
Some fried Garlic crackers (krupuk bawang)

Soup/ Kuah:
500 gr Skirt/Gravy beef (daging sapi)
1 stalks Lemon grass (sere)
1 tbsp Coriander (Ketumbar)
6 Shallots (bawang merah)
3 cloves Garlic (Bawang putih)
2 tsp Galangal powder (Laos bubuk)
Salt (Garam)
1 tbsp Palm sugar (Gula merah)
1 cm Ginger (Jahe)
2 Bay leaves (Daun salam)
2 Kaffir lime leaves (daun jeruk purut)

Directions/Cara membuat:
1. Blend all the soup spices then saute it until it fragrant then put in into a deep pan with beef (already sliced thinly) and water, boil all until the beef cooked and tender.
2. Fried the beancurd, set aside. Soak the bean shoot with hot water for 2 seconds then rinse it.
3. Wash and shred the lettuce, set aside.
4. Make "Sambal Petis".

1. Put a tsp of sambal petis, dilluted with little bit soup, then some lettuce on to a deep plate/ bowl, then some sliced fried beancurd, some sliced "Lento", a pinch of bean shoot.
2. Pour the soup and garnish with garlic crackers.
3. Eat with "Sambal Petis" and lime juice.

Fried Chilli Sauce Petai

Fried Chilli Sauce Petai

Ingredients: 7 eggs, 4 strings of "petai", 3 cups thick coconut milk, 250 gr ground beef, 4 pieces garlic, 6 pieces of shallots, 6 piece of red chili peppers, 20 gr javanese lemon, 1 tea spoon sugar, salt and pepper.


* Remove the yoke of the eggs (use just the whites) Skin petai
* Slice shallots, brown a little bit.
* Mix ground beef with 2 egg whites, mix with sald, pepper to taste.
* Form small balls.
* Let the javanese lemon sit in a cup of water The rest of the egg whites put in a place holder, and steam cook
* Cut into cube sized pieces
* Grind chili, garlic, and add sugar
* Heat pan with a little cooking oil, add shallots and the garlic mix above, followed by the petai a few minutes later.
* Put in the javanese-lemon water, followed by the ground beef balls, add salt and pepper.
* Let simmer for a while, then add the rest of the coconut milk and the egg-white cubes.
* et simmer for another 3 minute.

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