Kopi TubrukThe Indonesian way of drinking coffee, during any time of the day and with any meal differs a bit from the western way. If you like a strong and sweet coffee, try kopi tubruk.You will need some very finely ground coffee, sugar, hot water and a tall glass, strong enough to withstand the heat.
Put a tablespoon of coffee in the glass. Add sugar according to taste and pour a bit of hot water on, like you would to prepare hot chocolate. Stir carefully and continue to gently add hot water. Cover the glass and leave the drink for a few minutes so that the coffee can slowly settle on the bottom of the glass.
Snacks to complement the coffee include fried banana (pisang goreng), fried fermented tofu (kripik tempe), steamed bread (kue mangkok or bolu kukus) or your favorite cakes or cookies.

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