Scrambled eggs with onions and green beans


Scrambled eggs with onions and green beans

Note the recipe: 3/5

Serves 4
Cost of revenue:
Level of difficulty:
Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 10 min
Time off:


* Egg: 6
* Butter: 60 g
* Cream: 50 g
* Onions: 2
* Green beans: 300 g
* Salt 0.5 C. Coffee


Take back the onions in 1 c. Tablespoon of butter.

When they are golden brown, add the green beans.

Let the brown 3 min.

Break the eggs into a small buttered casserole.

Salt, pepper, and place the pan in a water bath.

Stir with whisk eggs until a cream without grumeau and thicker.

Add cream, onions and green beans.

Stir and serve.

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