Chicken and pasta salad

Serves 6
Preparation time less than 30 mins
Cooking time 10 to 30 mins


570ml/1 pint chicken stock
2 chicken breasts100g/
3½oz pasta bows cooked and cooled
100g/3½oz canned or frozen sweetcorn
18 small cherry tomatoes, cut in half
2 spring onions, sliced finely
½ baby gem lettuce, shredded

For the dressing:

3 tbsp olive oil 1 tbsp white wine vinegar½ tsp dijon mustard (optional)
½ tsp sugarsalt and freshly ground black pepper
1 tbsp chicken stock from the poaching liquid


1. Poach the chicken for about 10 minutes in the stock, then leave to cool completely.
2. Remove the chicken with a slotted spoon and cut into bite-sized pieces (this can be prepared the night before).
3. To make the dressing, whisk together all of the ingredients (or use a hand blender).
4. Combine all the ingredients for the salad and toss in the dressing.

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